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August 06, 2019 2 min read

Don't let the cold stop you from making the most of the final month of Winter for 2019! Check out a few of Outdoor Action's staff picks below for your Winter hike gear list.

1. Backpack - Deuter Aircontact 55+10

The Deuter Air Contact 55 + 10 Backpack is a trustworthy companion ideal for all sorts of adventures. The durability of this little guy mixed with it's ability to carry heavy loads in comfort is a must for your next Winter adventure. View here

2. Four Season Tent - 
Terra Nova Quasar

The Terra Nova Quasar Tent has an exceptionally strong geodesic design which has withstood some of the harshest conditions for over two decades. The definitive 2 person mountain tent is much copied, but never bettered. View here.

3. Walking Poles - Terra Nova Trail Lite
Terra Nova Trail Lite Walking Poles
The Trail Lite Trekking Pole is a classic 3 section pole and has been designed to be as light as possible whilst maintaining its strength, meaning you'll have more energy available to enjoy your chosen activity. View here

4. Sleeping Mat - Klymit  Static V Luxe
Klymit Mat
Super comfortable and really warm, the Insulated Static V Luxe is a wide, cushy four-season mat that packs surprisingly small and light. The V channel design limits air movement for comfort and thermal performance, and the lofty synthetic insulation adds a layer of winter warmth. View here

5. Walking Boots - La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX
La Sportiva Karakorum Boot
The Karakorum Evo GTX boots have been designed for classical mountaineering. They can be used with semi-automatic and fully automatic crampons and are a fantastic addition to your kit. View here.

6. Sleeping Bag - Deuter Astro Pro 600
Deuter Astro Pro Sleeping Bag
The Astro Pro 600 is the perfect companion to have after a long day hiking in the cold. This sleeping bag features technology to minimise heat loss and is ideal for temperatures between -10 to -30°C. View here.

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