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  • July 21, 2019 2 min read

    If you are an eager sports person, the Sharkskin R-Series is the gear that you need in your life.

    Whether you are a competitive rower and want some wear that will support your hard paddling, or a gym junkie who is after some serious muscle support in your sessions. The R-Series will help you perform to your highest standard. 

    Not just all those high performing athletes will benefit from this gear though. The R-Series can be the best friend of anyone and everyone living an active lifestyle both in and out of the water. 

    It is a great option for all those water babies. Just slipping the compression top and pants on under your wetsuit will both increase your performance and provide that extra bit of warmth you need in the chillier months.



    So that sounds great and all but I'm sure you're curious to know the technical science that went into constructing some of the best performance gear on the market and here it is:

    It's muscle mapping technology provides formfitting, shape-stretch design that allows for superior muscle support.  

    For the compression pants this means that the fabric has been specially mapped to support the thigh and calf muscles. Whilst the compression tops have been designed with form fit sections through the upper back and shoulders for posture alignment and muscle support. 



    Ventilation and comfort were incorporated into the design and construction of the R-Series Range. 

    Mesh ventilation panels provide extra breathability in the areas that need it most, whilst flat-seam and non-restrictive stretch overlock construction ensure comfort and help prevent any chafing and rashes during exercise and activity. 

    Inbuilt wicking technology allows for quick drying, anti-bacterial for hygiene. Whilst reflection logos promote safety and SPF50+ material offers full sun protection. 

    Unique Liquid Titanium technology permanently infused into the fabric for the added benefit of 'far-infrared' (FIR) wave technology. 

    To put it simply far-infrared wave technology is a thermal radiation that stimulates the cells and tissues of the body. Other techniques to delivering this thermal radiation would be sitting in a sauna. So when it comes down to it the technology that has gone into this range has comparable benefits to the body that a sauna does, through increasing the circulation and blood flow and promoting muscle efficiency and minimising muscle fatigue. 

    Check out the R-Series range HERE