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    Outdoor Action - About Us


    A Family-Owned Adventure - Proudly New Zealand-Owned and Operated

    Since our inception in 2004, Outdoor Action has been at the forefront of adventure, offering unparalleled outdoor experiences as a New Zealand-owned and operated business. From our early days in Takapuna to our evolution into a premier online destination, we've been committed to supporting adventurers with high-quality gear. As one of the few independent outdoor retailers in New Zealand, our unique position allows us to offer personalised service that truly stands out.

    Selecting the Best for Your Adventures

    We offer a broad range of carefully selected products from the world's most reputable outdoor brands, ensuring your adventures are supported by unparalleled quality and reliability.

    Our exclusive brands to Outdoor Action include:

    We are passionate about providing you with access to premium gear. Additionally, our selection proudly includes other renowned brands such as Osprey, Rab, The North Face, Marmot, Sea to Summit, MSR, Thermarest, Lowe Alpine, Stanley, Victorinox, Petzl, and many more! This carefully selected lineup ensures that you're equipped with the best gear for wherever your adventures may take you. Through exclusive partnerships and a commitment to diversity, we provide you with premier options to suit every aspect of your outdoor needs.


    Our Journey of Growth and Adventure

    • 2004: Embarking on our adventure, we established ourselves as a key player in New Zealand’s outdoor retail landscape. Also launching, we expanded our reach, making our premium gear accessible across the nation.
    • 2009-2010: Through innovative pop-up stores and operational shifts, we’ve continuously adapted to better serve our adventurers.
    • Securing exclusive distributorship for high-profile brands, we’ve enriched our diversity and quality of offerings.
    • 2014-2018: Overcoming challenges and embracing digital transformation, we've strengthened our online presence.
    • 2019: Committing to an online-first approach and moving to our own warehouse/distribution centre in Dairy Flat, Auckland, we fortified our operations to better support our customers.
    • 2024: Celebrating 20 years of adventure and growth, we're excited to introduce new brands like Xtorm, further expanding our range.


    Join Our Adventure Community

    We cherish the connection with our customers, especially when they share their adventure stories and feedback on our products. It’s a testament to our role not just as a provider but as a partner in your exploration journeys. We invite you to be a part of our story, to explore with gear from the best outdoor brands, and to make every adventure unforgettable. Share your moments with us on social media.


    Take the Next Step in Your Adventure

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