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  • FS5451

    Xtorm 67W Fuel Series 5 Power Bank - 45.000 mAh

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    Currently product is out of stock.

    This Xtorm 67W Fuel Series 5 Power Bank - 45.000 mAh features a USB-A port and two super-fast USB-C PD ports. The 67W USB-C PD port is ideal for fast charging laptops but can of course also be used for charging other mobile devices. Most of the casing is made of recycled plastic, to focus on a more sustainable future.

    The beautiful colour 'Midnight Black', combined with the unique pattern on this FS5 Power Bank, gives it a stunning look. Power up your devices in style with this premium model!



    • High 45K mAh Capacity in Compact Design: Never run out of battery again with this Xtorm Power Bank with a massive 45.000 mAh capacity! Whether you're travelling, hiking, or working: this Power Bank will give your devices extra energy all day long. This Power Bank has more than enough power to fully charge your smartphone at least 9x, or your laptop at least 2x! The batteries in this Power Bank deliver more power in a smaller casing. By using a 40% smaller battery, you get almost double the capacity in the same size!
    • Fast Charging with 67W USB-C PD: This Power Bank has an ultra-fast 67W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port, allowing you to quickly charge a laptop as well as iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and many other compatible devices. In just 4 hours, the Power Bank itself is fully charged!
    • 3 Ports for Simultaneous and Pass-Through Charging: Want to charge multiple devices simultaneously? No problem at all! The Power Bank features three ports: a powerful 67W USB-C PD port, a 27W USB-C PD port and an 18W USB-A port. This allows you to effortlessly charge your tablet, phone and earbuds simultaneously. And thanks to the pass-through charging function, you can charge several devices while simultaneously recharging the Power Bank itself.
    • Design with Recycled Materials: By choosing GRS-certified recycled plastic as the primary material for this Power Bank, recycled plastics are given new life. The recycled material meets Xtorm's highest quality and sustainability standards and is the better choice for our planet.
    • Safe & Protected: The Power Bank is equipped with built-in mechanisms for overcharging, short-circuiting and overheating. These protect both the Power Bank and connected devices from possible mishaps. So you can charge worry-free. This Power Bank has a battery capacity of 45.000 mAh and is usually not allowed on a plane. The allowed capacity of power banks during air travel is a maximum of 27.000 mAh or 100Wh.



    Series Fuel Series 5
    Capacity 45.000 mAh
    Power 67W
    Length 18 cm
    Width 10 cm
    Height 3 cm
    Weight 722 g
    Input type USB-C PD
    Output type USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, USB-C PD
    Number of outputs 3
    Output 1 USB-C PD / 67W
    Output 2 USB-C PD / 27W
    Output 3 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 / 18W
    Material 100% GRS Recycled Plastics, ABS, PC
    Water Resistant N/A
    Solar False