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  • U002AA00

    Petzl Multihook

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    The multi-function, foldable threading tool is designed for ice climbers. It features a serrated blade to easily cut ropes and cords and can also be used to clear the tube of an ice screw.

    The Multihook allows a cord to be threaded in order to make a V-thread ice anchor. It can be folded or clipped, facilitating transport.


    • Efficient
      • Allows a cord to be threaded in order to make a V-thread ice anchor, up to 25 cm in depth 
      • optimal hook, can be sharpened
    • Multifunction
      • Serrated blade easily cuts ropes and cords
      • Can be used to clear the tube of an ice screw
    • Compact
      • Can be folded, for storage in a pocket
      • Can be clipped, for easy transport
      • Hole for connecting to a carabiner with a cord


    Rappelling on an abalakov

    At the end of an ice climb, there are several descent options: walking, rappelling on fixed anchors or rappelling on abalakovs. It is the latter that is described here. 

    1. Creating a abalakov (V-thread)

    To create an abalakov, you will need a 7 mm minimum diameter cord, an abalakov hook such as the Multihook, a knife and a long (21 cm for example) ice screw. Remember that you will also need some practice and skill before getting it right.

    1. Cleaning the surface and making the first hole
    2. Making the second hole - To create a 60° angle, make the second hole at a distance approximately equal to the length of the screw. You will then get an equilateral triangle and thus an approximate 60° angle.
    3. You can clean out the hole with the Multihook before threading the cord. Pull the cord through the other hole with the Multihook.
    4. Tying the loop with a double fisherman knot. Cut any surplus cord.

    Don't make your loops too short. 

    The strength of the abalakov depends greatly on ice quality and on the way it is make (distance between holes, angle...) Beware of existing abalakovs, as they may have hidden damage and turn out to be dangerous if reused.

    2. Rappelling

    Run the rappelling rope directly through the loop. To secure the first person's descent, the abalakov can be combined with another ice screw. Be careful to connect this back-up screw to the rappel rope, not just to the abalakov sling. 

    To link up the rappels more quickly without needing to leave gear behind, you can opt to thread the rappel rope directly through the holes of the abalakov. 

    Watch for the rope possibly freezing in the abalakov; before descending, always ensure that the rope slides properly through the abalakov.


     Material(s) Stainless steel, Nylon
    Weight 40 g
    Length 28 cm
    Guarantee 3 years