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MSR Whisperlite International Stove

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The MSR Whisperlite International Stove is known for being one of their most versatile, multi-fuel backpacking stoves. Designed nearly 20 years ago, this legendary stove has gone through fields of use and feedback to get to where it is today. 

The one-piece stamped stainless steel leg assembly increases stability and simplifies maintenance while reducing weight at the same time. Combined with refinements to boost overall efficiency, Whisperlite International will remain the top choice for backpackers who are on the hunt for a reliable multi-fuel stove.

Package includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack. (Fuel bottle pictured not included).

  • Multi-Fuel Performance: Burns white gas, kerosene, and unleaded auto fuel.
  • Lighter & Stable: Stamped stainless steel legs offer excellent stability and low weight.
  • Compact: Folds small and fits inside most MSR pots. 
  • Field Maintainable: Self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology and new one-piece leg assembly allow fast cleaning and maintenance in the field. 
Burn time per 600ml of fuel (White gas) 110 minutes
Burn time per 600ml of fuel (kerosene) 155 minutes
Boil time, 1 litre (White gas) 3.5 minutes
Boil time, 1 litre (kerosene) 4.4 minutes
Water boiled per 100ml of fuel: (White gas) 4.4 litres
Water boiled per 100ml of fuel: (kerosene) 5.3 litres
Min weight 318 g
Packed weight 423 g
Made in  USA
Warranty period 3 years