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    Mountain Equipment Classic 1000 Sleeping Bag

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    The Mountain Equipment Classic 1000 Skydiver bag is exceptionally warm, consisting of 905g of 90-10 Pure Duck Down with a minimum fill power of 700.

    The more generous fit of the Classic 1000 makes it ideal for trekking and adventurous travel at higher altitudes and mountainous areas where temperatures are expected to drop well below freezing.

    The easy to pack sleeping bag is supplied with a waterproof roll-up stuff-sack and storage cube.




    • HELIUM™ 40 outer shell is lightweight and breathable
    • 905g of 90-10 Pure Duck Down with a minimum fill power of 700
    • Mountain fit is both spacious and thermally efficient
    • Slanted Box-Wall baffles throughout
    • Mid-level side seams
    • 5 baffle anatomically shaped hood
    • 2 baffle anatomically shaped and offset foot-box
    • Full length Gemini™ zip baffle and integrated collar with Lode Lock™ closure
    • Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube
    • 100% Polyamide outer/inner, Down fill


    Regular Long
    Weight 1520g / 53.6oz  1580g / 56oz
    Standard Pack Size 30cm x 26cm x 24cm 31cm x 26cm x 25cm
    Good Night's Sleep Temperature -20°C/-4°F -20°C/-4°F
    Sleeping Bag Comfort Level Chart - Mountain Equipment


     Down 700 - Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bag

    Down 700

    Down is the finest insulator that we have. Its warmth to weight ratio, compressibility, long lifespan, and softness are yet to be matched by manmade insulations. For all but the most serious expeditions, duck down is a great choice for both insulated clothing and equipment.

    Helium - Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bag


    Helium fabrics are exceptionally light, compressible and soft. Their densely woven construction ensures the highest levels of down-proofing and wind resistance.

    Down Codex - Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bag

    Down Codex®

    The DOWN CODEX® is our multi-award-winning certification scheme that considers the environmental, ethical and animal welfare matters relating to our down supply chains. It is grounded in comprehensive and transparent auditing that ensures traceability and quality.

    A Good Nights Sleep Guaranteed - Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bag

    A Good Night's Sleep Guaranteed

    So confident are we that our sleeping bags will keep your warm and comfortable, that in addition to the EN13537/ISO23537 laboratory ratings we quote, every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a seperate 'A Good Night's Sleep Guaranteed' temperature rating.

    Fair Wear Leader - Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bag

    Fair Wear

    As a member of Fair Wear, Mountain Equipment is committed to implementing the highest standards of working conditions. Mountain Equipment were awarded 'Leader Status' by Fair Wear Foundation in 2016 and has been awarded their highest accolade for performance every year since.

    Detail Shots

    Detail shot Using slanted box-wall baffles throughout the entire main body of the helium bags means weight is removed from the bags structure yet, they remain a significant step above a standard box baffle.
    Detail shot Their Lode Lock collar closure with its auto-locating closure combines all the advantages of a magnetic fastener with those of a mechanical lock. Its one-handed quick release closure uses magnets to draw the locking mechanism together and ensures that once connected, it cannot be accidentally opened.
    Detail shots A five-baffle hood that provides high levels of down-control, low weight and excellent insulation. Its roominess imparts excellent versatility and, combined with the easy-run dual tether draw cords, superb comfort. 
    Detail Shots A two-baffle anatomically shaped and offset footbox.

    More Information

    Classic Sleeping Bags

    Great all-round performance in a roomier, generously sized design. Optimised to maximise their performance and with features that would put many rivals more expensive bags to shame, the Classic bags are ideally suited to all-forms of self-supported travel whether backpacking, trekking, or venturing throughout New Zealand or overseas.

    Shop The Classic Range

    Sleeping Bag Good Night's Sleep Rating
    Classic 1000 -20°C/-4°F
    Classic 1000 Women's -17°C/1°F
    Classic 750 -14°C/7°F
    Classic 750 Women's -12°C/10°F
    Classic 500 -6°C/21°F
    Classic 500 Women's -6°C/21°F
    Classic 300 0°C/32°F
    Classic 300 Women's 0°C/32°F