Morakniv Survival 109mm Knife

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This knife has everything a real bushcraft enthusiast needs, well-packaged and ready for sudden challenges. It’s a heavy-duty, sturdy knife, with a sheath that comes with an integrated fire starter and a diamond sharpener, making it the ultimate survival knife.

A sharp blade with a defined tip, integrated fire starter, and diamond sharpener make Bushcraft Survival the ultimate bushcraft knife. The 3.2 mm thick blade in stainless steel and has a spine that has been specially ground so that it can be used with the fire starter. The knife's discrete sand colour makes it blend in smoothly with the environment.

  • Everything you need for Bushcraft packed into a single unit:
  • A sharp blade (stainless steel) with a defined tip
  • Integrated fire steel
  • Diamond sharpener.
  • All housed in desert-sand sheath, with interchangeable belt clip or loop 
  • Blade thickness: 3.2mm 
  • Blade length: 109mm 
  • Total length: 232mm