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Morakniv Companion Rescue 104mm Knife

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Morakniv - Since 1891. All Morakniv knives are made, in Mora, Sweden. A Morakniv knife is designed to stay extremely sharp. The steel is treated in a secret process that ensures every knife has a blend of qualities - sharpness, strength, flexibility etc - tailored to its purpose.  The ultimate all-round safety knife. Part-serrated blade and safety round tip. 

This knife has been created with a blunt safety tip and serrated edge specifically to quickly and efficiently cut through rope, nylon and fiber. Firemen, police and coast guards - professions where a reliable knife can be the difference between life and death – have discovered this model.

The knife is specially designed to cut materials normally found in rope, cords, nylon, nets and lines. The blade has a blunt safety tip to prevent sticking injuries, as well as jagged edge and is made of stainless steel according to our unique processes, which keeps the knife sharper for longer. The patterned friction handle helps you hold the knife safely so you can focus on working with a steady grip. Additionally, the fluorescent sheath makes it more visible, avoiding lost time in finding the knife in critical moments.

  • Ergonomic handle with a soft high-friction grip allows you to work with power and precision. 
  • The 3/4 stick tang provides a strong, stable, and powerful knife. 
  • The blade design has been a hallmark of Morakniv design. Heat-treated stainless steel with a classic "Scandi" grind. 
  • Polymer sheath with belt loop 
  • Blade length: 104mm 
  • Blade thickness: 2.5mm 
  • Total length: 219mm