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  • KC072-196

    Kiwi Camping Takahe 15 Family Dome Tent

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    Availability: NZ stock   Dispatch: 2-4 working days

    NZ Stock items are dispatched either from our own warehouses or directly from our key suppliers. The dispatch time indicates the expected period for your order to be processed, including picking and packing."

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    The Kiwi Camping Takahe 15 Family Tent is their largest premier tent. There are higher vertical walls, with greater useable space than traditional dome tents, and the added benefit of a second living space! 

    The added silver-coated fly helps reduce the inside temperature giving you a cooler, more comfortable tent. Get your family together for your next camping trip, as the Takahe is the perfect tent for sleeping, chilling, and entertaining.


    The Basics - Takahe 15

    • 150D silver coated polyester fly and breathable inner with heavy duty PE floor.
    • Capacity: Sleeps 15 people.
    • 4 Rooms: Two bedrooms + two large living areas. 
    • 2 Entrances: Main double entrance + rear entrance.
    • 4000mm double-coated aqua rating with fire retardant and SPF50 UV coating.
    • 6 Windows: All have 'no-see-um' mesh, privacy screens or clear PVC storm flaps. 
    • 360° inner doors with pockets for neat storage.
    • 4 air ventilation ports.
    • Bug screened fold away doors.
    • Accessory pockets and power cord entry.
    • Colour coded frame for easy assembly.
    • New darker inner giving you cooler internal temperatures and a darker room.


    • Hammer Included
      • For your convenience, a hammer has been included with this tent! Designed with a rubber head that won't damage your pegs, we've got you covered!
    • 150 denier fabric
      • Kiwi Camping use a high density/high thread count (denier) PV coated polyester fabric for the fly, which has taken years of development. This fabric has superior tensile strength and is 8 times more durable than nylon. It doesn't stretch or sag when wet like nylon does, and is a heavier quality than comparable fabrics.
    • 4000mm aqua rated
      • The waterproofness of polyester is rated in mm which refers to water column height in millimetres. The higher the number the longer the waterproof ability of the material is going to last, and the more durable the tent is going to be. Also importantly, the quality and tightness of the weave of the fabric enables the waterproofing to take better 'hold' and therefore it will last longer.
    • Seam sealed
      • These are the most vulnerable of your dome or shelter for water leakage. Kiwi Camping use a customer-developed method of heat-sealing tape over the seams to maintain waterproofing, resulting in maximum protection against elements at all time.
    • Twin stitched seams
      • Lap felled seam construction (doubling seams around each other) with twin stitching ensures maximum strength around the seams of your canvas tent.
    • UV protection
      • For added safety and comfort, the fabric has UPF 50 + UV protection.
    • Fire retardant
      • The fabric has also been treated with a five retardant solution. Even with this protection, ensure you take extra care around heat and flames. Avoid using open flame, heating, or cooking appliances in or around your tent.
    • Heavy-duty PE floor
      • Using a super heavy 1100 denier PE fabric, this is made to withstand the foot traffic of many campers for many years.
    • Fibreglass poles
      • These tents are designed used the largest diameter fibreglass pole possible, relative to the size of the tent. This ensures your tent won't be flattened when there is a slight gust of wind. 
    • Hybrid frame
    • Extra wall and peak height
    • Airflow system
      • New Zealand has a high temperature variance from day to night. With this in mind, the air vents are positioned to provide the greatest air flow through the tent during the day, and can be closed at night to trap in valuable heat.
    • Power mesh pole sleeves
      • These make it easier to feed the poles through. If you were to cause a rip in the material it will not tear like a polyester sleeve, and you can continue using your tent in the future.
    • Pin and ring pole attachment
    • Guy rope attachment
    • Quality zips, ropes and poles
      • Heavy-duty zips, guy ropes and poles are added so you can be assured your tent will last for many years.
    • Tri-tensioners
    • Speed-Clips
    • No-see-um mesh
    • 3-way windows
      • This is a unique feature only seen on the premium range. They are clear with PVC zipped on the outside, with a no-see-um mesh bug-screen sewn in the middle and an internally zipped 'privacy' window on the inside. Both in and outside flaps can be opened to allow air flow, and the 3-way windows give you the flexibility to draw in light. 
    • Accessory pockets
    • Door storage pockets
    • Storage pockets
    • Lantern hanging points
    • Power cord entry


    • Size: 800 x 615 (cm)
    • Floor Area: 31.6m²
    • Bedrooms: 240 x 305 (cm)
    • Living: 305 x 305 (cm) and 305 x 250 (cm)
    • Packed Size: 90 W x 44 H x 44 D (cm)
    • Weight: 45.5kg
    • Pitching Instructions: Click Here