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Hillsound Cypress6 Crampons

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Utilising simple ratchet buckle bindings, the 6-point Cypress6 is a durable and easy winter traction system compatible with most sturdy footwear.

One of the fastest crampons to put on or take off in the field; 5 seconds on and 1 second off! The ratchet bindings provide comfortable support ensuring a snug fit that won't loosen or come off.

With its anti-snowballing pad you can take these crampons running up a mountain or trekking down the slopes without fear of slipping, whether its wet snow, ice or a combination of both. One size fits all making the Cypress 6 the ultimate multi-use crampon.

* Plate Material: Heat-treated S50C Carbon Steel
* Weight / pair: 550g
* One-size-fits-all
* Compressive Strength: 17,120N
* Tensile Strength: 1,183N
* Rockwell Hardness: 45HRC