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Firemaple Feast 1 Cook Set

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This stylish cooking set is very lightweight, and is made from tough anodised aluminium. Suitable for 1-2 people, the set features a large pot, pan, 1 bowl and a scourer. Everything nestles in together to form a compact package, ideal for tramping.

  • Material: Hard anodizing aluminium
  • Fold out, lockable, insulated handles
  • Drain holes in pot lid
  • Graduation marks in 200ml steps
  • Portable: Suitable for backpack camping.
  • Package: One set (with one scouring pad , one bowl and one scoop) in black net nylon draw string bag
  • Main pot weighs 172g plus a lid that weighs 40g, total: 212g
  • Frying pan weighs 144g
  • Total weight for set: 356g excluding mesh storage bag
  • Mesh storage bag weighs 12g
  • Frying Pan external dimensions: 15.2cm diameter x 4.2cm tall
  • Main Pot external dimensions: 14.6cm diameter x 7.5cm tall
  • Main Pot capacity 0.9Litres