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    Envirus Hydrophobic Mask - Clearance

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    Availability: NZ stock   Dispatch: 1-2 working days

    NZ Stock items are dispatched either from our own warehouses or directly from our key suppliers. The dispatch time indicates the expected period for your order to be processed, including picking and packing."

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    The Envirus Hydrophobic Black Mask is designed to provide extra protection where it may be needed. We have worked with scientists, fabric experts, industrial and technical wear manufacturers to come up with a design we think achieves a great level of protection without compromising comfort or fit. The mask has two layers and features a slot in which a filter may be added. 2 filters are included with purchase.

    Hydrophobic: We use a medical-grade water repellent (hydrophobic) finish. This finish is tested to medical-grade Level 1 with water repellent outer. The outer fabric passed an independent spray test to international standard AATCC 22-2017 at the highest rating of 100 indicating no sticking or wetting of the face.

    Antimicrobial: The next to skin layer is a breathable fabric that has shown to have antimicrobial properties. We are currently in the process of getting our own independent testing done which we will make available in the near future.

    *Please note for reasons of Hygiene Masks cannot be returned and exchanged, we will meet our obligations under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act


    Nose Bridge: The bridge of the nose is a point of leakage that affects many masks. We have inserted a mouldable, comfortable nose bridge to ensure a better fit and minimise leakage. Just squeeze gently and push onto the nose and against the face to mould the mask to your face.

    Over the head straps: We have tested many designs including around the ears. In our experience over the head designs are more comfortable. Our staff working in the mask construction area are required to wear masks during manufacture and are wearing them for a large part of the day.

    Flexible and adjustable elastic: We use a thicker high quality elastic which is flexible and provides a comfortable fit. The elastic features an adjustable strap to accommodate various face sizes.

    Durability: We have tested the hydrophobic masks for 30 Industrial Wash Cycles at over 60 degrees and 30 drying cycles. Masks still repelled water and had no apparent degradation of water repellent properties. We would recommend replacing the mask on approximately 30 washes depending on condition. Water droplets should bead on the outer surface.

    Fit and comfort: If you observe people wearing masks in public, you will notice there are often gaps down the side of the nose, under the chin or sides. A well fitted mask is essential in providing protection. We have used years of tailoring expertise and chosen flexible materials to ensure a comfortable and well fitted mask.

    Australian made: At Envirus, you receive the service only a local manufacturer can provide and you support our hard working Australian staff. We source quality Australian made fabric.


    • Masks are unisex, one size fits all design.
    • Our masks feature adjustable straps to accommodate various sizes.
    • Masks will typically fit children above ten years of age.
    • We use an adjustable strap that aids in fitting.
    • Very small faces will require a small size which is in development.
    • 2 filters are included with purchase


    For FAQ's and Care Instructions, click here.