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Cocoon M/fibre Mummyliner Blue

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Use a Cocoon MummyLiner to protect your sleeping bag investment. MummyLiners add warmth and comfort to your sleeping bag, while protecting it from dirt and body oils.

A MummyLiner will extend the life of your bag by eliminating the need for frequent washings, which is how most bags are damaged. 

Cocoon MummyLiners are specially designed to fit any tapered mummy sleeping bag. They feature a drawstring hood, a boxed foot-end and are double stiched for durability.

On a hot night, your MummyLiner might be all you need. 
Microfiber (100% Polyester) is a lightweight, fast drying, breathable fabric with a good, soft grip. 

* drawstring hood 
* wide top opening 
* boxed foot end 
* completely double-stitched 
* Standard size: 86 x 35 in

* sleeping bag liner for mummy-shaped sleeping bags 
* keeps your sleeping bag clean and extends its lifespan 
* adds insulation and comfort 
* sleeping bag in warm climates