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February 13, 2020 1 min read

Sharkskin is the world’s leading range of technical watersports apparel designed to keep you warm and protect you from the sun and wind. 

For over 25 years Sharkskin has developed the world’s most advanced technical fabrics available, each with their own unique purpose for water sports - Chillproof, Rapid Dry, Performance Wear, and R-Series compression. 

What makes Sharkskin Rapid Dry the best single-layer watersports garment?

Unlike traditional surface garments, Sharkskin Rapid Dry uses an advanced water-repelling and rapid drying material. It is your go-to garment for watersports protection.

  • Water Repellent - Rapid Dry is a lightweight, fast-drying fabric in which the material is 'infused’ and then ‘heat set’ with a water repellent treatment (WRT).
  • Construction - The Rapid Dry fabric uses a specialised 3D ‘rib-knit’ construction which creates far superior insulation properties than cotton and nylon/lycra synthetic fabrics. 
  • Durability - Through a premium and very durable thread type the Rapid Dry fabric has 100% resistance to swimming pool chemicals and has great resistance to the abrasive effects of seawater as the garment dries out.
  • Performance - Rapid Dry is a breathable garment and wicks moisture from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric to help disperse sweat, perfect for active watersports i.e paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing.
  • Safety - Rapid Dry has a SPF50+ rating for full protection from the Sun. Great for New Zealand watersports conditions.
  • Visibility - Rapid Dry fabric comes in a range of colours, including hi-visibility colours for safety on the water.

You can trust the Sharkskin Rapid Dry range will keep you warm, comfortable and protected, whatever the conditions.

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