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February 26, 2021 1 min read

Taking your kids tramping? Join Donald as he walks you through the top 5 tips for creating a memorable tramping experience with your kids.

Tip #1: Choose your track

Ensure the track is achievable for the kids. An overnight tramp will be more enjoyable for them compared to a lengthy 5 day tramp. It is important to travel at a pace that works for them, you don’t want to be rushing your kids along the tramp.

Tip #2: The art of distraction

Capture kids' imagination to distract them from the fact that they have been on their feet for a long time! Excellent distraction methods include: singing, ispy, or learning about the environment.

Tip #3: Pack them light 

Kids can begin to struggle with heavy packs uphill. It is important to leave enough space in your pack to carry some of their stuff for when this occurs on the tramp. It's all about making the tramp enjoyable for yourself and your kids!

Tip #4: Make the food amazing!

The better the food the more memorable the experience! It doesn't hurt to pack a little extra delicious food such as marinated steak, scones, marshmallows, or even popcorn.

Tip #5: Just go with it!

Tramping can be a challenge, roll with the fact that kids are going to break down and get tired. Keep relaxed! Following tip #4 give them some sugary goodness for a boost.

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