SKU: VP06226T

Victorinox Sig Lite Ruby Multitool

"Can I borrow a pen?" It's a phrase you can strike from your vocabulary once you've slipped the Signature knife into your pocket. Because not only does it include all the traditional features of a Swiss Army Knife, it also includes a ballpoint pen. And with the addition of a bright LED, even darkness can't hold you back. The Signature series has you covered like no other pocket knife.

1. blade
2. scissors
3. nail file with
4. - screwdriver 2.5mm
5. key ring
6. pressurised ballpoint pen
7. LED (white)

Height: 12 mm

Length: 58 mm

Weight: 42 g

Material: Cellidor/ABS

Blade Lockable: No

One-Handed: No