SKU: 153578

Toaks Titanium 1600ml Pot

This is a great sized, lightweight titanium pot with folding heat-resistant handles. The pot comes with a protective mesh storage sack, which is very bright and easy to find. Titanium is incredibly durable and corrosion resistant, so this pot will last you for years to come. The handle on the lid can lock into an upright position for easy handling. This pot can also fit with one of Toaks' 145mm pans if you wish to combine the two.

  • Toaks D145mm Pan (PAN-145) can fit with this pot.
  • Comes with a mesh storage sack.
  • It can nest STV-11, STV-12, CUP-375, CUP-450, POT-550, POT-600, POT-650, POT-700-D115-L, POT-900-D115, POT-1000, POT-900-D130, POT-1300, CKW-1300.
  • Material: Titanium (Grade 1 or 2, no coating)
  • Weight: 
    • Pot only: 5.6oz (158g)
    • Pot with lid: 6.9oz (194g)
  • Capacity: 54.1oz (1600ml)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Diameter: 5 3/4" (145mm) (Dia)
    • Height: 4 1/8" (106mm)
  • Product Code: POT-1600