SKU: TMNC10440

Thermarest Neoair Camper Duo Sleeping Mat

For adventurous couples looking for a better night outside, the NeoAir Camper™ Duo provides innovative and plush comfort for two.

The double mattress has two independent chambers for customised support while maintaining a consistent sleeping surface between the two chambers. This also prevents bouncing your partner during the night, keeping both of you feeling like happy campers. Stuff sack and repair kit included.

  • Dual Chamber: Two independent chambers and valves provides both campers personalised comfort.
  • Gapless Connection: A gap free, consistent sleeping surface that keeps both of you comfy all night long.
  • Compact: Low-bulk construction allows the Camper Duo to compress down to a surprisingly small packed size.
  • Thick and Supportive: NeoAir® construction offers 3 in (7.6 cm) of stable support - perfect for side sleepers and comfort seekers.
  • Colour Mediterranean: Blue
  • R-Value: 2.2
  • Weight: 1.87 kg
  • Width: 127 cm
  • Length: 196 cm
  • Thickness: 7.6 cm
  • Packed dimension (Metric) 38 cm x 17 cm
  • Top fabric type: 75D double diamond polyester
  • Bottom fabric type: 75D polyester
  • Country of Origin: USA