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Source Storm Valve Kit

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The Source Storm Push-Pull Valve is a high-flow, angled, no-bite push-pull drinking valve with an integrated shut-off mechanism, providing unmatched flow, like drinking through a straw. 

The Storm (US. Patent No. 6,622,988) features a sealing mechanism that locks shut with a simple twist (ideal for extremely cold weather), secure lock for storage, it's compatible with Source Quick Mate Technology (QMT™) for accessories such as UTA™ and other hydration accessories.

  • Push/Pull no-bite valve allows for free water-flow
  • Locks shut with a simple twist (ideal for extremely cold weather)
  • 90-degree design allows the tube to be shorter, minimizing excess tube
  • Secure lock for storage or transport
  • QMT valve tip for easy disconnect so the tube can be easily woven through tight openings
  • Dirt Shield protects valve from pollution, dirt and dust
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for cleaning
  • Compatible with all SQC/QMT accessories like UTA or water filter

 Weight  24g
 Dimensions  4 cm x 5 xm
 Colour  Black and Olive , Camo