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Singing Rock Versa Harness

Size Guide

Size Guide- Singing Rock Versa Harness

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The Singing Rock Versa harness is a multi-purpose and universal harness for all kind of climbing activities suitable mainlyfor beginners, climbing courses and gyms. It comes in two sizes and adapts to fit all users shapes. 

  • 3 Rock&Lock buckles enable to put on the harness when wearing skis or crampons
  • adjustable leg loops with innovated patented Rock&Lock buckles for fast and 
    safe adjustment
  • construction of the waist belt and leg loops provides maximum support and comfort when hanging in the harness
  • longer BMI adjusting system for better size variability 
  • velcro strap in a rear area enables to adjust and centre the harness, keeping 
    the gear loops in a optimal position
  • tie-in points which have the most abrasive wear are reinforced by PAD webbing 
  • perforated EVA foam inside the waist belt and leg loops with holes 5mm in diameter increases the breathability of the harness
  • inside mesh dissipate moisture and dries quickly in a wet conditions
  • laced technical textile increasing the waist belt rigidity and abrasion resistance
  • 4 braided gear loops with a load capacity 5 kg
  • colour belay loop for proper tie-in/attachment point, strength 15 kN 
  • fixed bridge between the leg loops provides a higher safety in case of wrong tie-in 
  • 2 slots for additional carabiner porter.

Color: blue
Weight: 420 g [XS-M size] (± 15 g) • 14.82 oz (± 0.5oz)
Size: XS-M, L-XXL