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C5063 - K1

Singing Rock Ara Kids Climbing Harness

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A comfortable, padded climbing harness designed for children that have well defined hips for a waist belt to hold. Features fast and safe adjustment thanks to Rock&Lock Buckles.

Available in two sizes

  • K1 (55-65cm waist)
  • K2 (60-70cm waist)
  • designed for children which have well defined hips for a waist belt to hold
  • for both leg loops and a waist belt two webbings and wider construction provide maximum support and comfort when hanging in the harness
  • 3 patented stainless steelRock&Lock buckles for fast and safe adjustment
  • thanks to the Rock&Lock buckles on leg loops it is possible to put the harness on without having to take skis or crampons off
  • tie-in points which have the most abrasive wear are reinforced by PAD webbing
  • padded waist belt and leg loops are made from EVA foam and breathable PES fabric with high abrasion resistance
  • inside mesh dissipate moisture and dries quickly in wet conditions
  • 2 new ergonomic gear loops with a load capacity 5 kg are shaped to facilitate handling and to provide enough space for the gear
  • color belay loop for proper tie-in/attachment point, strength 15 kN
  • fixed bridge between the leg loops provides a higher safety in case of wrong tie-in
  • plastic buckle and sleeve for quick removing and adjustment of the rear elastic straps

Patented smart buckle system by SINGING ROCK

Only small effort of your fingers is needed to lock and open.

1. Make the loop and put it through the buckle frame
2. Hook the loop on cross bar.
3. Tighten.

It is easy as that.

  • Easy to lock and open: Only small effort of your fingers is needed to lock and open.
  • Fast lace-through: Make the loop, put it through the buckle frame, hook the loop on cross bar and tighten. It is easy as that.
  • Smart function: Rock&Lock allows you to put on your harness very quickly, while wearing ski, plastic boots, crampons or snowshoes. Rock&Lock allows you to do just that. 
  • Double safety: Webbing cannot slip through Rock&Lock due to safety loop at the end. Spontaneous opening of Rock&Lock is virtually impossible. 
  • Lightweight: Rock&Lock buckle is only 22 g per piece (3/4 inch size). 
  • Extra strong: Rock&Lock breaking strength complies with EN12277 requirements.
  • Excellent function in all-season conditions: Function guaranteed even when webbing is wet or frozen.

Color: blue & yellow

Weight: 280 g [size K1] (± 15 g) • 9.88 oz (± 0.5 oz)

Size: K1 and K2