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Scorpion Bike Stand - Road/BMX

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Never lay your bike on the ground or up against your car again. Scorpion bike stands utilize the progressive hollow crank arm technology developed by many companies.

  • Scorpion bike stands allow for convenient washing, maintenance, and stable storage of your bike.
  • Cranks are Able to Spin with Clipless Pedals
  • One Stand Fits all Wheel Sizes and 3 Different Crank Hole Diameters from 10mm to 3/4
  • Comes Standard with 10mm Stinger Welded On and Two Adapters That Slide Over Stinger to Accommodate Larger Crank Holes
  • The patented crank arm stand design allows for cranks to easily spin while mounted on any of the stands.
  • A portable, lightweight functional bike stand.
  • While a bike is mounted the rear tire sits off of the ground and spins unrestricted.
  • This stand is compatible with most "Hollow" BMX Cranks
  • Stand Weight: 4lbs
  • Max Capacity: 50lbs