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Primus Power Lighter III

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Primus PowerLighter with a narrow flame makes it simple to light your stove or camp fire. A temperature of 1300°C facilitates lighting liquid fuels in bad weather. Travelling by air? Please contact your airline to find out what items you cannot take into the aircraft cabin.

Primus created the Power Ignitor Lighter for those times when you need fire quickly, even in foul weather. 

  • The large see through tank holds up to 30 minutes of butane
  • Easy to refill like most standard butane lighters
  • Flame is adjustable to suit your lighting tasks
  • Comes with a small stretchy lanyard for securing it till you are ready
  • 1300°C temperature facilitates lighting liquid fuels in bad weather
  • Height (mm): 80
  • Width (mm): 20
  • Length (mm): 50
  • Weight (g): 67