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Ortlieb First Aid Kit Regular

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Never again without: ORTLIEBS First Aid Kits should be an inherent part component of your equipment. The First Aid Kits are waterproof sleeves made of PU-coated nylon fabric with roll closure, and are available in three different sizes and safety levels (Regular, Medium, High). Regular and medium are suitable for most outdoor activities. All kits feature belt loops.

  • Small first aid kit in waterproof sleeve made of PU-coated nylon fabric with roll closure
  • Can be fixed to bag, bike seat, belt, etc.
  • Comes complete with first aid kit and fixing straps
  • Suitable for all kinds of sports
  • 1 first aid brochure
  • 1 pair surgery gloves
  • 2 first aid packets
  • 5m sticking tape
  • 1 set plaster strips


  • height: 4.7 in 
  • width: 4.3 in 
  • depth: 3.1 in 
  • weight: 4.9 oz 
  • volume: 36.6 in³ 
  • fabric: PS21  yellow 
  • art.-nr: D1701