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OKO Pure Tap Water Filtration Bottle

Each ÖKOPURE™ filter is capable of delivering 40 refills of high quality water at a fraction of the cost of normal bottled water. ÖKOPURE™ bottles are made from recycled PET, which is BPA, pythalate and toxin free.

ÖKOPURE™ filter reduces chlorine while eliminating odour from water and enhancing taste. It has a compostable and fully biodegradable cartridge.

Using ÖKOPURE™ is very easy. The first time you use a new filter, simply slip into a mini cage which screws onto the cap, prime the filter by squeezing about half a bottle from tap as you would with any other water bottle and drink away for 40 cycles. There is even a counter dial on the cage which lets you keep track of the refills. 

  • Size: 590ml
  • Number of refills: 40 
  • Material: recycled PET (RPET). BPA, pythalate and toxin free
  • Only for use with tap water, not for use with water from unknown sources