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SKU: 14694

Non-Stick Frying Pan w/ Folding Handle

This aluminium non-stick frying pan is perfect for all kinds of camping trips, whether with the family or off tramping in the bush. The aluminium metal pan means it is very lightweight and durable, with great even heat distribution.

The foldaway handle also means that it stores away very compactly, so it is perfect to fit into your pack or to store on the drive to your campsite. This pan is also a very reasonable size at 21cm x 2.5cm, meaning that you aren't sacrificing ease of cooking for the sake of it's light weight and compactness.

The non-stick coating also means that clean up will be a breeze, with no burned bits stuck in the pan. There is a rubber coating around the foldaway handle, ensuring that you don't feel the heat when shifting the pan around.