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Morakniv Rookie Safety-Tip 72mm Knife

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The Rookie knife is a new sibling to the popular Morakniv Scout knives. This new model has an even more rounded safety tip to increase the safety even further. Together with the finger guard – that prevents the fingers from slipping onto the blade – the Rookie is a suitable entry knife for children’s woodcarving.

The blade is made of high quality stainless steel that has gone through thorough treatment, testing and evaluation at the Morakniv factory. The small, barrel shaped handle is a good size for children’s hands and the natural wood is extra nice to hold and work with. A black polymer sheath keeps both the knife and its user safe when the knife’s not in use.

Is it going to be a bark boat? A barbecue stick? Or maybe even a butter knife? Working with a knife and a carving subject can give long moments of pleasure. As always when working with a knife, one needs to have respect for the tool, especially when it comes to activities together with children. For those moments our Rookie is the perfect choice.

The perfect choice for the novice knife user:
  • Rounded tip and finger guard add the extra safety needed. 
  • Wooden handle fits nicely in smaller hands.
  • Polymer sheath keeps the knife and user safe when not in use. 
  • Heat-treated Sweedish stainless steel blade
  • Blunt safety-tip with Scandi grind cutting edge
  • Polymer sheath with belt loop 
  • Blade length: 72mm 
  • Blade thickness: 2.0mm 
  • Total length: 166mm