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Major Surplus Pre-Packed Emergency Kit. Vehicle Kit

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Protect yourself from the unexpected during your everyday travels with the Prevail Vehicle Emergency Kit packed in an easy to find, easy to carry Orange and Gray shoulder bag.

Unexpected breakdowns as well as minor injury and disaster preparedness all in one unit.


1 Set Jumper Leads

1 Pair Leather Palm Work Gloves

1 Roll Duct Tape

3 12 Hour Light Sticks - non toxic

2 Emergency Blankets

2 Emergency Ponchos

1 3600 Calorie 3 Day Food Bar

6 118 mil Pouches Purified Drinking Water

1 Minor Medical First Aid Kit   (Assortment of Sterile Towelettes, Band Aids, Gauze Pads, Alcohol Pads and Antibiotic Cream)