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Ledlenser Neo Headlamp


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An incredibly lightweight and bright headlamp that is perfect for walking, camping, multisports, reading or any other activity that requires a reliable light source after dark.

The NEO features a wide beam reflector that produces a wide angle beam that provides extremely bright close up light. As a person’s natural field of vision is more horizontal than vertical, this means a greater portion of what you are looking at will be illuminated.

Another benefit of the oval shape of the headlamp and the wide beam reflector is that you can be seen from more angles, making the NEO safer than traditional headlamps. An extra safety feature is the optional red blinking LED light on the battery pack, which means you can be seen from behind.

  • Smart Light Technology (SLT) Offers 3 different light functions (high power, low power, blink)
  • Optional red blinking LED at backFor increased safety
  • Wide, bright beamIncreases the proportion of field of vision that is illuminated
  • One-switch operationMakes it extremely easy to use
  • Adjustable headbandMeans it is comfortable to wear
  • Runs on either standard or rechargeable batteriesFor ultimate versatility
  • Brightness (High) - 90 lumens
  • Brightness (Low) - 20 lumens
  • Brightness (Blink) - 20 lumens
  • Beam Range (High) - 10m
  • Beam Range (Low) -
  • Burn Time (High) - 10 hours
  • Burn Time (Low) - 40 hours
  • Burn Time (Blink) - 100 hours
  • Water Resistance - IPX4
  • Weight - 88g
  • Batteries 3 x AAA (included)
  • SLT Light Functions - High Power, Low Power, Blink