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Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD

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The Super Tool 300 EOD is a workhorse of a multi-tool with beefy features and added EOD-specific tools like a military-performance-spec cap crimpers and fuse-wire cutters.

Extra strong pliers with cleaning rod/brush attachments have replaceable wire cutters. Comfort-grip handles feature cutouts to make accessing tools with gloves on a cinch. An everyday carry tool, with some not-so-everyday features.

The Super Tool 300 EOD is a great way to go easy on your load while beefing up your gear.

All locking features

  • Every tool and knife on the body of the handle will lock into place, providing extra safety.

Lanyard ring

  • Attaches tool securely to a lanyard. Great for people who want to use their tool near water or on scaffolding.

Tools and Blades

1. Needlenose pliers
2. Military performance spec cap crimper
3. Electrical crimper
4. Stranded-wire cutters
5. 154cm replaceable fuse-wire cutters
6. 1/2" open end wrench
7. 420HC combo knife
8. Saw
9. Replaceable T-shank metal saw
10. Replaceable C4 punch
11. #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapters
12. Awl with thread loop
13. Ruler (9 in/22cm)
14. Can opener
15. Bottle opener
16. Phillips screwdriver
17. Large screwdriver
18. Medium screwdriver
19. Small screwdriver


Length 11.5cm
Weight 272g
Blade length 8.13cm