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Ironlace Unbreakable Boot Laces 180cm

Ironlace™, quite simply the strongest laces in the world! Picture yourself getting ready for work or play. You’re 10 minutes late, you put your coffee down to lace up your boots. You pull and tighten to tie and your lace breaks.Whether it’s first thing in the morning or halfway through your day we have all been there, a broken pair of laces turns a good day bad.

At Lacetech Industries Ltd they have created the ultimate lace. Their mission is to solve the ongoing problem of broken laces both in work and recreation.

One set of Ironlace’s will hold a staggering 1600lb of tension. Years of research result in a lace that is virtually chemical proof, UV ray resistant, water proof, abrasion resistant, and heat resistant up to 630F (330C). Their laces have been tested to over 1,000,000 cycles without fail. No other lace can make this claim!