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Grivel G10 New-Classic Crampons

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A lightweight, universal crampon designed to meet classical demands. G10 is compact (with only ten points), user friendly (short, non-aggressive points) and simple to size (rapid, tool-free adjustment system)

The New Classic binding can be used on flexible boots, or those with the soles moulded directly to the upper. In addition, the entire adjustment mechanism may be replaced with a simple nut and bolt; while this reduces weight, future length adjustments will require tools.

G10 is perfect for ski touring, trekking, or for women and children (whose short, boot sole lengths don't require many points underneath them).

N° Points
Made from
3D Stamp  Front points
Rigid/Semirigid  Asymetric 
10 Chromolly steel SI 2 Semi-rigid SI

Boot size
TUV - CE  Range of use
28.9 oz 35-46 Included CE
  • Chromoly steel construction
  • Number of Points: 10
  • Front Points: 2
  • Semi-rigid design
  • Weight 850g 
  • Boot Size: 35 - 46
  • Antibott included
  • Range of Use: B C D E (please see chart in images)
  • Warranty Period: Product lifetime
  • Product Code: GR-RA072A04F