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Grivel Air Tech V2.0 Crampon New-Matic

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 A new generation of crampons. Ten points in contact with ice while you're walking, 12 that bite into the slope during traverses. This has been made possible because the third pair of points are shorter and wider apart.On top of this the last two front points have a double angulation to maintain bite when descending or traversing sideways. 

The crampons points are short and designed for the new requirements of mixed moderns alternating ice and rock.Sharp points are ideal for anchoring on ice cauliflowers and when in traction or adherence. Even the soles of the most modern boots are perfectly covered.

This V2.0 version has a new binding made in bi-components giving greater efficiency and lightness. This crampon will fit boots with a heel groove

  • New matic (semi automatic) binding 
  • Chromolloy steel construction
  • Semi-rigid design
  • Unique point configuration ensures complete sole coverage
  • Serrated points bite well on a variety of surfaces
  • Comes with anti-balling plates, and Accordeon anti-balling plates for connector bar
  • Fits Boot Sizes: 35 - 46
  • Range of Use: C D E F (please see chart in images)
  • Weight 790g (incl Anti-balling plates 920g)
  • Warranty Period: Product lifetime
  • Product Code: GR-RA073A02