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Go Native 24hr Food Pack - Beef Casserole

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Grass Fed New Zealand Beef.

Delicious meals ready to fuel your adventures from the mountains to the sea. With a full 24 hour meal pack including breakfast, lunch and dinner the Go Native 24hr Food Packs have it all.

Weighing only 690g helping to keep your pack lightweight and supplied in a reusable waterproof ziplock bag. With a Sudoku puzzle and quiz included to pass time when you're around the campfire. Wrapped in high tech brown packaging that provides a high moisture and oxygen barrier keeping your food fresh for longer.

  • Ready to eat, rich and delicious meals
  • Compact and lightweight food packs: 690g
  • Reusable waterproof ziplock bag
  • Sudoku and quiz inside
  • Super high tech packaging has a very high moisture and oxygen barrier to keep your food fresh and protected for longer
  • Breakfast: Natural muesli with milk powder, Go Native fruit bar, coffee, creamer, sugar
  • Lunch: Tuna on Cream Crackers with Beef Jerky
  • Dinner: Beef casserole, mashed potato, salt, pepper, tea, creamer, sugar