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Gerber Gator 63.5cm Machete

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This dual-purpose machete solves two obstacles: chopping and sawing. Successful at both, the 18-inch blade features a full performance saw on one side, a 15-inch fine-edge blade on the other. With a Gator Grip handle to keep it secure, it is ready for anything.

The Gator Machete has a 15-inch fine-edge blade on one side and an 18-inch high performance saw blade on the other. It’s forged of high carbon stainless steel. The handle is covered with a Gator grip rubberized handle for comfort and control. It comes sheathed in a nylon case for secure carry. Made for use in the wilderness, as well as the backyard, it’s a dual-purpose, lightweight machete for beating back the underbrush and trailblazing.

  • This dual-purpose machete was designed for chopping and sawing
  • Includes a 15 inch Plain Edge blade on one side, an 18 inch saw blade on the other
  • Gator Grip handle texture provides maximum grip for any situation, wet or dry
  • A riveted, nylon sheath is included
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Product Number 31-000758
  • Length 25.7 in/ 65.3cm
  • Weight18 oz/ 0.51kg