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SKU: 119-FL

Friction Labs Chalk Bag

Friction Labs teamed up with some amazing sewers to bring you limited run Chalk Bags in unique colors.

These are the highest quality chalk bags with a FrictionLabs twist: every one has one of our custom colors and comes with a FrictionLabs Patch already sewn on by incredibly skilled crafts- men and women at ORGANIC Climbing in Pennsylvania.

The mouth of the bag has a stiff ring to make it super easy to chalk up. Inside of the burly nylon shell is a polyester fleece lining (it feels awesome!) with a drawstring cinch to keep your chalk where it belongs, even when you're not using it. The nylon belt is included with the bag.

For a limited time, we'll throw in 1oz of your favorite blend and a couple of stickers to get you started off right.

These sell out fast, so if you like one, snag it!