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Firemaple FMS-122 Alcohol Stove

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Fire Maple FMS-122 Titanium Alcohol Stove Alcohol Mini Portable Gas Stove Cockle Gasoline Camping Outdoor Stove Ultra-Light

Concise structure, light weight, evaporation alcohol burning, increase the alcohol combustion efficiency, the holder also has wind-proof function

  • Elaborately choose the holder's color, match the strove core, innovation of the color
  • Evaporation alcohol burning, very quite and clean, enjoy the cooking time peacefully
  • Pack with flannelette bag, easy to carry
  • Suggest taking alcohol of above 95% purity
  • Materials: Aluminum+ copper
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 140g(holder:36g+strove core: 104g)
  • Diameter: 97mm
  • Height: 61mm
  • Burning time: min/100ml:68min
  • Boil water time: min/500ml:8min