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Firemaple FMS 121 Cooker

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FMS-121 Spark Wind-Resistant Remote Stove

The Spark is a wind-resistant remote stove is loved by outdoor chiefs. 

The Spark stove is fully wind-resistant, with innovative “Beehive TM” wind-resistant net made from high temperature alloy. It can help you to cook food without any trouble lacking of wind shield.

Classic design make it so easy to pack and take, unfold diameter is 18 centimetre, match with all size cookset. Amazing 2900w firepower takes only 3m 35s to boil 1 litre water.

  • Wind resistant:fully wind resistant, need no wind shield
  • Highly durable: innovative “Beehive TM” wind resistant net stands 
  • High temperature and corrosion
  • Strong power: 2900w firepower and heating balance
  • Size: 181.1 × 95.2 mm(unfold); 85.5×95.2 mm (fold)
  • Weight: 305 gram
  • Power: 2900w
  • Material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum
  • Weight supporting: 5kg
  • Applied for: hiking, camping, extreme outdoor activities