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Firemaple Fire Starter 709

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FMP-709 has had been tested one of the best fire starters in the world with a very high chance of success. After one day of fatigue and hungering for hot food, or in case of emergency you need to fire for SOS or scaring beasts away, FMP-709 would come in handy.

Its 3000 degree centigrade sparks are dazzling and plenty, makes fire building easy in any weather & any altitude. It's ideal for lighting camp fires, stoves and gas barbecues.

  • Model: FMP-709
  • Name: Fire Starter
  • Size: 20 × 11 × 80mm
  • Material: 18.5% Fe, 49% Ce, 30% La and others
  • Scraper: Hard Metal
  • Main: ABS + 5% GF
  • Weight:29g
  • Suitable: Outdoor