Fenix X1 Battery Charger (One Slot)

The Fenix ARE-X1+ is single-channel smart charger, built for different types, and different size, rechargeable batteries.

The charger will automatically choose the correct charging mode for each battery type, whether it be Li-ion, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd.


  • The high-definition LCD screen displays charging status and battery levels.
  • Built-in multi-protection guarantees charging safety.
  • Battery Compatibility: Li-ion batteries: 10440, 14500, 16340, 18650, 26650 Ni-MH or Ni-Cd
  • Batteries: AA, AAA, C Input: DC 5V, 1.0A from external power source
  • Output: 4.2V, 1.0A: 18650, 26650,16340, 14500, 10440 (Li-ion) 1.5V, 1.0A: AA, AAA, C (Ni-MH/Ni-Cd)
  • Weight: 2.0 oz. (58g) excluding cable
  • Length: 113mm  4.4inches)
  • Width: 38mm (1.5inches)
  • Height: 29mm (1.1inches)