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Elemental X-Treme 3000 Case

TheElemental X-treme Case 3000 offers watertight protection and storage for GPS, PDAs, mobile phones, handheld gaming devices and so much more.

X-treme cases protect valuables. Perfect for outdoor construction sites, mines, dirty and dusty conditions, salt water, rain, sun, and snow. Prevent accidental damage.

X-Treme cases are virtually indestructible and are manufactured with the highest grade materials; high impact resistant ABS plastic, stainless steel hinge pins, foam lines interior and a silicone cord for that perfect seal assure your valuables are protected.

  • Perfect for protecting your valuables from all the elements
  • Waterproof, crushproof & watertight!
  • Manufactured with the highest grade materials
  • Comes with a nylon carry cord
Exterior Dimensions: 212mm x 118mm x 47mm
Internal Dimensions: 200mm x 99mm x 36mm
Weight: 294 grams