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Cocoon M/fibre Travelsheet Blue

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A TravelSheet is a lightweight sleep sack that lines your sleeping bag or bed. They feature a pillow pocket, reinforced gussets, double stitching and a side opening that can be secured with Velcro for ease of use.

Each TravelSheet fits into a very small stuff sack, which makes them very easy to pack into any bag. No matter where your adventures take you, bring a Cocoon TravelSheet to sleep more comfortably. 

TravelSheets keep your sleeping bags clean and they are much easier to launder than your whole sleeping bag. Washing just your liner will keep your bag from excessive wear and tear, but with the ability to easily wash the TravelSheet, you can always sleep clean and comfortable.

TravelSheets are great for hotels and hostels. Sleep with the peace of mind that only comes from the knowledge that you are sleeping free from dirt and germs. 

Microfiber (100% Polyester) is a lightweight, fast drying, breathable fabric with a good, soft grip. 

* side opening with Velcro closure 
* pocket for pillow insert 
* double stitching and reinforced gussets 
* Standard size: 86 x 35 in

* hotels, youth hostels, alpine huts, boats, planes, trains 
* warm weather sleeping bag 
* rectangular sleeping bag liner 
* for overnights with friends or as a guest sheet