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BRBL Kermode Men's Socks

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The BRBL Kermode is perfect for anything from dog walking to long bush walks.

Provides maximum comfort and warmth, on every walk.

Made from Merino wool (the softest and finest wool around) and a little elastane fibre (for optimum fit), these BRBL socks will make your feet warm and pleasant.

BRBL Level: BRBL Touch

About BRBL

BRBL created the ultimate range of apparel easy to adjust to your body, external temperatures and the intensity of your workout. Bears are similar; they adjust to their surroundings to make the situation “bearable”.

BRBL apparel is divided into three levels, according to the bear-based functionalities they provide.

BRBL Touch is the basic level for every day wear, leisure and sport activities. BRBL Touch represents the great comfort pertinent to bears.

BRBL Adapt is the intermediary level for advanced and tougher challenges. BRBL Adapt symbolises a bear’s natural capability to adjust to changing outdoor conditions.

BRBL Shield is the advanced level for the toughest outdoor challenges and ultimate performance. BRBL Shield symbolises a bear’s extraordinary protection against the most demanding conditions.

  • Comfort cushioning - BearTubes knitted in a technical and functional way to absorb shock while doing sports.The special channel construction surrounds and protects the foot from shock and stress.
  • Perfect for anything from dog walking to long forest strolls
  • Available in sizes Medium (39-42), Large (43-46) and Extra Large (47-48)
  • 42% Merino wool
  • 42% acrylic
  • 14% nylon 
  • 2% elastane
  • Product Code: 08864