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BioLite SiteLight

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Define Your Site with Functional, Ambient Light. 
A breakthrough in outdoor lighting, create an instant canopy of light.

Define a sense of space and place with the SiteLight, a coupled daisy-chaining light system that provides warm and highly functional light at your site. The SiteLight can establish an impressive forty feet of lighting with four connections, yet breaks down easily into a compact protective sphere with effortless cord management.

Direct and Dim: Notches make it easy to angle your light. SiteLights can also dim to desired levels of strength 

Extended Reach: Each SiteLight contains 10 feet of cord. Chain up to four for a 40 ft perimeter of light.

Compact Design: Store units securely and compactly with magnetic orb design. 20 Ft of light never looked so portable. 

    1. 300 Total Lumens: Create a sense of space and place
    2. SiteLight Hub: Connect SiteLight Daisy Chains for full NanoGrid lighting system
    3. 10 Foot Reach: 10 Foot cord per SiteLight. Fully contained with easy wrapping management system
    4. Directable and Dimmable: Angle lights as needed and dim to desired levels via PowerLight hub
    5. Chaining System: Connect up to 4 SiteLights for 40ft of overhead off-grid lighting
    6. Compact Magentic Storage: Units click together for protective orb storage

    • Lumens: 150 Lm per light
    • Outputs: 2.5 mm connector
    • Cord Length: 10 ft per light
    • Dimensions: 6.48 x 2.69 x 6.48 cm
    • Weight: 52g per light
    • Light Range: 3m
    • In The Box: BioLite SiteLight, USB Adapter, Instructions