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Back Country Cuisine Beef Mince

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Need to add a little extra in your back country meals? Use this mince complement to beef up any meal. Enough to provide 5 servings.  

  • Ingredients:
    Beef (100%), Rosemary Extract

  • Allergens:
    Processed in a facility that also produces products containing egg, fish, milk, soybeans, tree nuts. 

  • Serves per pack: 5
    • Net weight: 160g
    • Preparation: Add contents to appropriate container. Add 375 ml (1¬Ω cups) of boiling water. Stir and stand for 10-15 minutes. Beef Mince can be added during preparation of pasta and rice dishes by including an additional ¬Ω cup of water for each cup of Freeze Dried Beef Mince
    • Serving size: 107g (once prepared).