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Gabel X-Lander Fastlock Antra Single Pro Pole

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For over 60 years Gabel have been manufacturing trekking, walking, and technical poles that are both affordable and high in quality. With their constant research and development they are able to provide some of the latest and greatest trekking pole innovations in the world.

Trekking poles provide extra stability, reduce strain on knee joints, and can make uphill climbs significantly easier on your legs.

FastLock alternative locking system: The innovative system FAST LOCK the external locking technology based on the eccentric mechanism, offering an alternative to the standard locking systems that need a rotation of the tubes. This system locks the tubes through an external lever and it is really fast and reliable, even in extreme conditions of low temperature or when wearing gloves.

  • T.P.L. - Top Performance Locking System
  • T.C.S. - Top Click System
  • Carbide Tip - Sharp and Durable
  • Ultralight - Comfort Safety and Tech
  • Weight: 240 gr
  • Length: 66-144 cm
  • Material: Alu F60
  • Grip: Ergo Lite Foam Grip
  • Strap: Comfort Automantic TCS
  • Tip: Multi Fit 05/5 + Carbide 08/9