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Gabel Transalp NZ Parks (Single)

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For over 60 years Gabel have been manufacturing trekking, walking, and technical poles that are both affordable and high in quality. With their constant research and development they are able to provide some of the latest and greatest trekking pole innovations in the world.

Trekking poles provide extra stability, reduce strain on knee joints, and can make uphill climbs significantly easier on your legs.

The TransAlp NZ Parks model features a map of NZ showing the National Parks - so you can tick them off as you walk them!

  • The Transalp model is a Trekking stick and this is the perfect companion for all uses in all seasons, it is also very well suited for younger fans.
  • This stick is composed of three tubes with  18/16/14 mm diameter in F56 Aluminium for a total weight of 283 g and then allowing this stick to vary in length from 64 to 144 cm, thus adapting perfectly to all your statures.
  • The Ergo Classic grip together with the ADJ Black strap are an essential couple to be able to have a secure and comfortable grip during the practice of trekking. Thanks to the ergonomic, innovative, durable and extremely comfortable grip,  you can go out in the outdoors for long periods without having any problem.
  • To make sure that your stick does not sink in the soft ground, this stick is provided with a 54 mm basket, indispensable, easy to assemble and to change.
  • Weight: 283 gr
  • Length: 64-144 cm
  • Material: Alu F56
  • Diameter: 18/16/14 mm
  • Grip: Ergo Classic 01/43
  • Strap: Adjustable Black 02/2
  • Basket: 54mm
  • Tip: Screw in Carbide